What is SafeClassic

What is

What is SafeClassic? How much value is it

SafeClassic - The first Deflationary token of the ecosystem Ethereum Classic. SafeClassic coin holders are rewarded for holding! The token has a deflationary model. With each transaction, the number of SafeClassic coins decreases!

  • Rewards
  • Burned
  • Audit
  • Fair Launch
  • Community Focus
  • Security

Our goalsk


Our goal is to develop a large SafeClassic ecosystem

Our team has made a clear plan for the development of the SafeClassic ecosystem. We will follow the roadmap and develop our ecosystem by releasing various applications on the Ethereum Classic blockchain.



The Benefits of SafeClassic Holders

Each SafeClassic coin holder is rewarded for holding a coin. Our protocol is made in such a way that the total number of coins is always decreasing, which contributes to an increase in the price of the coin.

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Tax Fee

  • 6% is Tax Fee
  • 1% of tokens are burned
  • 4% is Redistributed to all existing holders
  • 1% is added to the SafeClassic Ecosystem Growth Fund

1,000,000,000 SafeClassic

  • 5% Bounty campaign
  • 5% of Advisors
  • 20% Founders and Team
  • 35% Reserved Funding
  • 35% Tokens for HebeSwap LP




Our Company Road Map

ICO Crypto is developing a global data-driven platform for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.

  1. (Sep - Nov 2022) Advertisements of our token, Marketing Campaign, Contract Deployment and Technical Audit, Listing on HebeSwap

  2. (Nov - Dec 2022)$75k fundraising for LP, 1000 holders, Telegram 20000 members, 1st airdrop

  3. (Jan - Feb 2023) CoinGecko listing, CoinMarketCap listing, 5000 holders, Telegram 50000 members, Influencer marketing push

  4. (Feb - Jun 2023) CEX listing, 2nd Airdrop, 25000 holders, ClassicSwap release

  5. (Jun - Dec 2023) ClassicWallet, ClassicCard, ClassicLaunchpad release